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Rose City Pepperheads

Susan McCormick’s perfectly paired passions – food and farming – come together to create farm-to-jar pepper jellies that will make your taste buds dance. Founded in 1997, Rose City Pepperheads of Portland puts pizzazz into every hand-poured jar by focusing on natural, organic and locally sourced ingredients. In addition to working directly with farmers to source fresh fruits and vegetables, Susan grows her own organic peppers for her award-winning jellies. Find them at your Market Cheese Shop!


Cheese Dept. Special

  • Mike’s Hot Honey
    Mike s Hot Honey

    12 oz - Drizzle this chili pepper-infused honey over your favorite cheese to add a sweet kick. Or, try it on your next pizza! SAVE $4


    GOOD THRU 12/6 - 12/19/19