My Market, My Cheese Monger

If you have an affinity for cheese, you're in good company. Our 'culture' is to know all about the 'whey' of cheese and the people who make it, from Oregon cheesemakers to Swiss shepherds.   
We source cheeses from Oregon and from all over the world and, in the process, develop deep relationships with the people who make the cheeses you take home. We learn all we can from them – where the cheeses come from, how they are made, and the best ways to enjoy them.
We not only procure, cut and wrap cheeses, we also make it! Once a month, we travel to Oregon State University in Corvallis to listen, learn and make cheese, using Old World methods. We also stretch our own fresh mozzarella seasonally at every store!  
Pairing great cheeses with amazing accompaniments is also part of our wheelhouse, which is why we carry an assortment of salts, oils, vinegars, fruit spreads, crackers, nuts, charcuterie, pâtés, dried fruits, olives, antipasto, fruit shrubs and more.
Craving a perfect pairing? Just ask! We're happy to help.