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Local Cheese

Oregon is home to more than a dozen farmstead, artisan and commercial cheese-makers. Nationally and internationally recognized, we are proud to carry high-quality cheeses made by Rogue Creamery, Fern’s Edge Goat Dairy, Fraga Farm and Willamette Valley Cheese Company, as well as many others.

Fraga Farms
– Fraga Farm's Oil and Herbs Chevre is a personal favorite for Market Cheese Stewards, many of whom believe it’s simplicity at its finest. Jan and Larry Nielson have a herd of 40 goats on their Sweet Home, Oregon farm. And they produce Oregon's only certified organic goat cheese. Fresh and spreadable, their fresh Goatzarella is cheese is packed with extra virgin olive oil and a unique blend of herbs, including Lebanese za'atar, an intoxicating spice blend.

Willamette Valley Cheese Company – Rod Volbeda produces cows’ milk cheeses in the Dutch tradition on his farm in Salem, Oregon. They specialize in havarti, Gouda, cheddar and Brie. Unfortunately, the Brindisi Fontina sometimes gets lost in the mix. That’s a shame, because the aged natural-rind version is sublime. It has the fruitiness of Fontina and a lovely aged Gouda texture bursting with caramel sweetness and salty flavors.

Ancient Heritage – The Obringer family makes sheep and cows’ milk cheese in Madras, Oregon. Try the Adelle, a creamy sheep and cows’ milk, soft-ripened cheese.

Fern's Edge Goat Dairy – Shari Reyna has an award-winning herd of Mt. Zion Alpine goats whose milk she uses to create fresh goat's milk cheese that comes plain or flavored with local ingredients, such as chanterelles, dill and blueberries. Located in Lowell, Oregon.

River's Edge – Pat Morford makes award winning goat's milk cheese on her dairy farm near Newport, Oregon. Our favorites include Up In Smoke, a smoked chèvre (goat cheese) wrapped in a maple leaf that has been misted with brandy.

Rogue Creamery – David Gremmels and Cary Bryant have been making award-winning cows’ milk, blue-veined cheese and cheddars since they purchased the creamery in 2002. In 2007, the creamery became the first artisan cheese producer in the U.S. to export raw milk cheese to the European Union. Try the Smokey Blue or the raw milk Cheddar. Located in Central Point, Oregon.

La Mariposa – Growing up in Argentina with a cheesemaker for a father, influenced Mariano Battros's choice of careers. After marrying an American, Mario decided to continue his father's legacy and began making cows’ milk cheeses in Lowell, Oregon. The Chubut is a Welsh-style cheese that’s mild and nutty, while the Five Corners is a much sharper cheese made using a gruyère recipe.

Froylan Cheese Factory – The story of Froylan Cheese Factory begins with the man for which it is named, Froylan Ochoa Chevez. Froylan made Mexican-style cheeses for friends and family in Eugene who craved that hard-to-find authentic taste. His dream: to one day own and operate a small cheese-making company. After he passed away, his son Francisco was determined to see his father’s dream through. With the help of his mother and sister, Francisco started the company – the only one of its kind in Oregon.