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Don Froylan Cheeses

Made at Ochoa's Queseria in Albany, Oregon, Don Froylan's handcrafted, Mexican-style cow's milk cheeses are full of flavor.

Don Froylan Queso Fresco 
12 oz – Fresh, bright and delicious on burritos, tacos and for snacking.
Don Froylan Queso Botanero 
12 oz – Fresh Mexican cheese studded with cilantro and jalapeño.
Don Froylan Queso Oaxaca 
12 oz – Traditional string cheese twisted into a flavorful ball of delicious fun.
Don Froylan Queso Cotija
12 oz – Cotija with slightly less moisture and a salty tang. Great for cooking or snacking.
Don Froylan Cotija Enchilado 
12 oz – Beautiful, bright Cotija dusted with smoky paprika. Use in enchiladas or nachos.


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