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Atop metro rooftops and tucked into tall grasses on organic farms, busy honeybees are doing what they do best. Founded in Portland, Oregon, by Damian Magista, Bee Local believes well cared for bees do their best work under the least amount of stress.

“We never use in-hive chemical treatments, such as antibiotics, and we source from areas that minimize bees’ exposure to pesticides and herbicides,” says Damian.

This result is flavorful, pollen-rich, raw unadulterated single-origin honey with distinct and nuanced flavors, traceable from hive to jar. Available at your Market Cheese Shop.


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  • Crave Brothers Farmstead Farmer's Rope
    Crave Brothers Farmstead Farmer s Rope

    12 oz - You'll love this handmade string cheese! Yummy on its own, or marinate in olive oil and cracked pepper. SAVE $1.70


    GOOD THRU 4/14 - 4/27/17

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