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Fromager d’Affinois

Enjoy this smooth, delectable, double-crème Brie from France. Fantastic with preserves or paired with fresh fruit and Champagne.

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Market of Choice Baked Brie

Hand-wrapped in puff pastry and perfect for entertaining, our Market Cheese Shop baked brie impresses with its appearance and taste.

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My Market, My Cheese Monger

If you have an affinity for cheese, you're in good company. Our 'culture' is to know all about the 'whey' of cheese and the people who make it, from Oregon cheesemakers to Swiss shepherds.

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Murray's Cave-Aged Gruyère

With aromas of caramelized apples and notes of hazelnut, this smooth cheese is perfect for fondue.

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From mild to wild, soft to hard, sweet to sharp, we offer something for every mood, recipe and occasion at your Market Cheese Shop. Our expert Cheese Stewards are trained to answer all of your questions about where it comes from, how it’s made and most importantly, how it tastes. It’s an intimate, interactive service you won’t find anywhere else.

Unusual and distinctive, each of our cheeses tells a story that begins with the land where it originates and the people who create it. We establish close relationships with those committed to producing superior products through responsible and sustainable practices, many of which can be found right here in Oregon.

In addition to our premium cheeses, you will also find a surprising selection of accompaniments: salts, oils, vinegars, fruit spreads, crackers, nuts, pâtés and dried fruits to name a few. At your Market Cheese Shop, we’ll do whatever it takes to make your shopping experience exceptional. Ask your Cheese Steward for a taste – your mouth will thank you.



  • Oregon is home to more than a dozen farmstead, artisan and commercial cheese-makers. Nationally and internationally recognized, we are proud to carry high-quality cheeses made by Rogue Creamery, Fern’s Edge Goat Dairy, Fra...



  • Discover the simple pleasures of handcrafted cheeses. An ancient, time-honored practice, the art of cheese making is a labor of love. Patiently nurtured to optimal ripeness and peak flavor, most are made in limited quant...



  • At your Market Cheese Shop, we offer an extraordinary selection of oils, vinegars, salts, fruits spreads, honey, crackers, nuts, pâtés and dried fruits. Such accompaniments are a great way to bring out t...


Cheese Dept. Special

  • Olive Bar
    Olive Bar

    Choose from premium French, Italian, Greek and Spanish olives or party favorites like sun-dried tomatoes and marinated mushrooms. SAVE $2 lb

    7.99 lb

    GOOD THRU 12/10 - 12/16/19