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Spotlighting Oregon vendors in 2017

It’s a new year and a fantastic time to appreciate the beauty around us in Oregon!

My blog posts this year will focus on local producers, so when you shop at your Market Cheese Shop you’ll know a little something extra about the people behind the products. I’m kicking off the year with Albina City Nuts, a family-run nut roasting company in Portland. Scott from Albina City Nuts, pictured with the crew above, was kind enough to chat with me:

170106KalaNyxCheeseMerchandiserBlog3Q. When did you start to get interested in specialty nuts?
A. I was working as a cheese monger and wanted to create a product that could act as an accoutrement to a local cheese plate. Working with Oregon Hazelnuts seemed like a great place to start.

Q. When did you know it was something that you wanted to do as a business?
A. Pretty quickly. Working with Oregon Hazelnuts really made us want to focus on making delicious products that used the great nuts that are grown in our back yard.

Q. What is your favorite pairing with Albina City Nuts (beer, wine, cider, cheeses, accompaniments)?
A. Our Sweet & Salty Hazelnuts are great on top of a good triple cream brie. I also love to snack on our Toasted Corn with a good beer. Yum.

Q. If you were trapped on a desert island, which crunchy treats would you want to be stranded with you?
A. Well, I love potato chips. So I'd have to have some of those and of course some Oregon hazelnuts!

Q. If you weren’t in the nut business what would you be doing and where?
A. Most likely something to do with food. I loved working with cheese. Or, if was lucky, I'd be surfing every day in Mexico.

Q. What would you like MOC customers to know about your products?
A. We are really proud to be an Oregon small business, working with Oregon-grown nuts as one of our main ingredients. We also love having a small team of employees who work hard to make great products.

Your Market Cheese Shop will be featuring Albina City Nuts Toasted Corn, Sweet Oregon Hazelnuts and Sweet & Salty Hazelnuts in our Savories ad from Jan. 6 – 19, 2017. Stop in and pick up some tasty, crunchy treats at a great price, and support an Oregon food producer!

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