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Portland Creamery Chèvre is as versatile as it is delicious – learn more about this local producer

An Oregon gem, Portland Creamery makes fantastic chèvre, which is featured at a great price in our two-week circular, Savories, now through January 19th. My recent Q & A with owner and cheesemaker Liz Alvis provides some insight into this local producer, whose mission is to turn high quality single-origin goat milk into delicious chèvre.
Q. When did you start making cheese?
A. Portland Creamery was launched October 2011, so we just turned 5 years old! I started making cheese with my mom a few years prior.
Q. When did you know it was something you wanted to do as a business?
A. In 2009, I watched my mom launch her creamery (Mackenzie Creamery) in Ohio, and knew it was something I wanted to explore. I was working in the wine industry, and it was a very natural transition to move to cheese!
Q. What is your favorite cheese pairing – beer, wine, cider, accompaniments?
A. Our chèvre pairs well with so many flavors! Our Oregon Chèvre is nice on a cheese plate with a drizzle of Cajeta (goat milk caramel) or as an addition to your favorite dish. The simplicity and pureness of our cheese is a delicious situation – for beer, a nice crisp fresh hop IPA; for wine, a ruby Oregon Pinot Noir or crisp Pinot Gris or a nice dry Cider from our friends at Wandering Aengus or Portland Cider Co.
Q. If you were stranded on a desert island, which cheese would you want with you?
A. I would want the Oregon Chèvre! It's so lovely and not a cheese I get tired of eating.
Q. If you weren’t making cheese, what would you be doing and where?
A. Hard to say! Perhaps still in the wine world in the PNW. Or maybe living in Bali, working as an underwater photographer.
Q. What would you like MOC customers to know about your cheese?
A. I always like to share the healthy aspect of goat cheese. In the world of dairy, it's a fantastic option for easy digestion and overall health benefit. I also would share with MOC customers that we have an amazing small cheese team at Portland Creamery and without all of us, this would not be possible. We also have an incredible source of goat milk. Good milk + good process + good people = great cheese!
I’d like to thank Liz for taking the time to share, especially since she just gave birth to her son Vann a couple weeks ago. Congrats, Liz, on the newest addition to the family!

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