My Market

Rethinking Pizza

In the cheese shop we are frequently asked by our customers for new ideas for pizza toppings. After brainstorming, I have some new and inspired recommendations!

Spanish Style: red sauce; Manchego (sheep's milk cheese) or Mahon (cow's milk cheese); chorizo; greoregon blue vein cheeseen olives

The Alpine: white sauce (alfredo or bechamel); hard mountain cheese such as Gruyere, Comte or Raclette; sliced boiled potatoes; carmelized onions; ham (optional)

Mediterranean Pie: undried tomato pesto; Haloumi (mild) or Kefalotiri (sharp) cheese; ground lamb (optional); kalamata olives

The Oregon Local: basil pestoa; fresh goat cheese; Oregon Blue Vein crumbles; dry cured pork salami (optional)

Think outside the box and enjoy!