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Sher Robinson

Meet Sher

Modest, talented and hard working, Sher Robinson already has her first cooking timer set shortly after 4 a.m., long before most alarm clocks come to life. As the rest of us are gobbling down breakfast, she’s already begun to prepare dinner – a gourmet four-course meal for 300.

As Head Cook of Market Catering, Sher leads a crew of die-hard foodies, who spend their day slicing, dicing, sautéeing, poaching, pureeing and preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner for everything from small gatherings to large events.

The secret to creating eye-catching, delicious foods? Years of practice.

For her, cooking is a constant learning process, one that requires both creativity and consistency. “It’s important to taste what you’re cooking, no matter how many times you’ve made it before,” Sher says. “We’re very careful about making sure we’re sending out a good product.”

An active self-starter, she does just about anything and everything that needs to be done in the kitchen. Like a pro golfer with her favorite club, holding a kitchen knife is second nature for Sher.

The daughter of a working mom, she learned to cook at a young age, preparing meals for herself, her father and her brother. Today, she cooks for her husband (also a chef), as well as her kids and grandkids when they visit.

Inevitably, she ends up making enough food to feed an army. “It’s not easy going from large quantities to small quantities when you’re cooking for hundreds of people every day,” she says with a laugh.

In her busy kitchen, crew members work in creative harmony – the toughest decision is usually what music to listen to, she says. Everyone is encouraged to try new recipes, experiment and share. “Everyone has a chance to offer ideas.”

The most rewarding aspect of her job is getting thank-you notes from customers who say they loved the food and service provided at their event. “In this day and age, it means a lot when someone sits down and writes a thank-you by hand – that’s when you know you’ve done a really good job.”


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