BNF Kombucha

Kevin Warren got the idea to start a company that produced fermented live beverages when he was purchasing another brand’s ginger-based drink at Market of Choice back in 2015.

At the time, Kevin was a long-time kombucha brewer and enthusiast, and he decided to take the $300 investment a friend offered him and build his own beverage business “from the garage up.”

Kevin’s BNF Kombucha & Jun is the impressive result. The Eugene-based company’s product line-up includes kombucha, jun and yerba mate blends.

“Currently, 95% of our ingredients are purchased in Oregon and every bottle contains something grown on a local organic farm,” says Kevin, who prides himself on making products that cater to all kinds of kombucha drinkers. “Our approachable craft beverages feature our signature dryness, sweetness and tartness scale that leads people to the flavor of their preference.”

BNF stands for a Billion New Friends. “Our company name not only alludes to the probiotics in our products,” he says, referring to the billions of beneficial probiotics, enzymes and acids in the beverages. The name also represents the company’s commitment to strengthen the communities for which their products are sold.

Kevin enjoys BNF’s beverages best served cold on a hot day, but there are many other ways to enjoy their delicious offerings. BNF’s Oregon Blueberry Kombucha, for example, is used to make their unique recipe for BNF’s Blueberry Kombucha Cake with Roasted Blueberries.

Enjoy each fantastic variety found at your Market of Choice!

Discover more local makers, here.

Published On: August 6th, 2021

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