When members of our Equity and Inclusion Committee learned that the American Red Cross and Oregon Senator James Manning, Jr. wanted to coordinate a blood drive to help African American sickle cell patients, they worked with the Market of Choice Hospitality Team to make it happen.

The event was held on Friday, Aug. 7th, in Eugene at Venue 252, a Market of Choice company.

African American blood donors are critically needed to help patients battle sickle cell disease amid the COVID-19 pandemic. About 100,000 people in the U.S., most of whom are of African descent, live with sickle cell disease – the most common inherited blood disorder in our country. Blood transfusions help patients by increasing the number of normal red blood cells, helping to deliver oxygen and unblock blood vessels in the body.

Red blood cells carry markers on their surface called antigens that determine blood type. Some are unique to specific racial and ethnic groups and, because of this, patients with sickle cell disease are more likely to find a compatible blood match from a blood donor who is Black.

The American Red Cross needed a facility large enough to run a blood drive with necessary social distancing safety precautions. Members of the Equity and Inclusion Committee realized Venue 252 would be the ideal location and Market of Choice was more than willing to donate the facility and staff time.

Sen. Manning, who represents Oregon’s 7th District in north Eugene and Junction City, as well as 47 other donors gave blood, exceeding the American Red Cross’s goal for the day. Thank you to each of them!

For information about how you can give blood, go to redcross.org.

Published On: August 11th, 2020

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