When the weather outside is frightful, we find chocolate to be quite delightful. But really, chocolate is the perfect pick-me-up during the dark and cold winter months when you just want to climb under a cozy blanket and indulge yourself in something decadent. This is exactly why gourmet chocolate makes such a great gift idea for the holidays too. And, you may be surprised to learn that some of the world’s best, gift-worthy chocolates are found in the Chocolate Library at your local Market of Choice.

We’re talking about hand-selected, single-origin, bean to bar chocolates made with exceptional ingredients such as goat’s milk or mushrooms, and intriguing flavor combinations you wouldn’t expect such as cardamom and honey.

Every chocolate bar from our library is chosen for quality and uniqueness and must, in some way, provide a remarkable experience. Some bars boast rare ingredients and exotic spices that reflect the places they’re from. Some have artistic packaging that tells an engaging and delicious story. And, others are unforgettably rich and creamy.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the chocolate lover on your list, you’ve come to the right place. The following highlights some of our favorite holiday gift ideas from the Chocolate Library at MoC.

Pro Tip: For an extra-special holiday treat, pair chocolate with your favorite wine or bubbly.


The Scenic Wildwood trail in Portland, Oregon, is full of joy and discovery and that’s exactly the feeling that chocolatiers at Wildwood hope to express through their chocolate. So far, they’re hitting the mark. With unique flavor combinations, creamy texture and refined balance, Wildwood chocolate truly reflects the enlivening spirit of the northwest. And, we’re not the only ones to feel this way. As winners of multiple awards from Good Food, Food and Wine, Oregon Chocolate Festival and more since 2019, we can confidently say this chocolate is a must-try for anyone who appreciates premium chocolate and the northwest wilderness.

Perfectly suited for gift giving, every bar of smooth Wildwood chocolate comes stamped with its own unique design that reflects the natural surroundings of Oregon. From beautiful fern leaves, to acorns and flowers, these bars make a charming gift for the holidays. Wildwood also makes a line of intriguing varieties that include elements such as whole dried berries, and brown butter Texas brittle visibly mixed into the chocolate for an experience like no other. For holiday gift giving, there’s no bar more festive than the Orange Confit and Cherries. We also love the refreshing vigor of Rosemary Caramel, and Cardamom and Honey is warm and comforting. If you want to stick to conventional candy, their Salted Caramel is a tasteful option.


Winner of multiple awards from The International Chocolate Awards, this Icelandic chocolate company is capturing worldwide attention; using locally sourced ingredients, Icelandic milk and fair trade cacao beans from Madagascar, Tanzania and Nicaragua to craft premium chocolate. Norwegian cow’s milk is their secret sauce, adding special character to the chocolate and setting it apart from the rest. For those who love a rich creamy confection, Omnon milk chocolate with caramel is the go-to variety.

Each bar of Omnom chocolate is hand wrapped in paper that’s stamped with intriguing designs that the makers refer to as funky and eclectic and inspired by “fantastical creatures” and contemporary Nordic architecture. Premium quality and artistic design make Omnom the perfect chocolate gift for Christmas or any holiday.


Crafted on the Hawaiian Island of O’ahu, these bean to bar chocolates are made with ethically sourced cacao beans from Hawai’i and around the world. They offer unique flavors inspired by the tropical landscape, wrapped in beautiful, cultural art.

One of our favorites from Manoa is the Kope X Coffee Bar. Made with creamy dark milk chocolate  infused with locally grown coffee, and sprinkled with bits of cacao nibs make this the ideal breakfast bar. It’s also a great option when you need a mid-day perk, and pairs well with a porter or coffee liqueur. Manoa’s Haupia Coconut, made with 60% vegan milk chocolate, is an amazing option when it comes to vegan confections. Coconut is considered an essential crop for island living, and this bar certainly reflects the reverence islanders have for that natural food source. Haupia Coconut pairs well with Caribbean Rum or IPA.


Unconventional process leads to delicious results at Raaka where they make unroasted dark chocolate from scratch. In case you don’t already know, most chocolatiers roast their cacao beans before mixing them with other ingredients to make chocolate, but the makers at Raaka ferment their beans which gives it a unique taste that can only be described as fruit-forward. Raaka provides a truly exotic experience, adding unique ingredients to complement the smooth chocolate.

For a festive holiday gift, try their Bourbon Cask Aged 82% cacao bar, or Ginger Snap for a slightly lighter chocolate at 70% cacao. Chocolate at Raaka doesn’t get much lighter than this. They even offer a rare, 100% cacao bar. Anything from this maker is definitely for the true-blue chocolate aficionado. Other must-try varieties include Bananas Foster, Tahini Swirl, Pink Sea Salt, and Sweet Corn.


This is fantastic chocolate from a company that’s focused on appreciating the hard work of cacao farmers from around the world. Moku chocolate is handcrafted in Oregon from raw, direct-trade cacao beans. Honored with awards from the International Chocolate Awards and Good Food Awards, each bar has a unique flavor profile distinctive of the communities where the cacao beans are grown.

Sample the flavors of Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Madagascar, Peru and more. Or try their Tasting Set in both vegan and award winning dark and milk chocolate. Moku offers a Deluxe Chocolate Library Set that makes a great gift any time of year, and an Orange Zest bar and Hazelnut bar that touch on a bit of holiday nostalgia. If you want to treat someone to a real flavor adventure, we recommend their Goat Milk bar crafted from Sierra Nevada Colombian cacao beans.

Published On: November 23rd, 2022

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