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Craig and Nikki Reinhart were tired of the same old hot sauces. They’d had enough of the watered down, vinegar-forward chipotle hot sauces. They wanted something thicker, more flavorful, the perfect condiment for their favorite foods.

They got to work. They bought ingredients at their local market, resolved to craft a premium, small-batch, all natural, organic, vegan chipotle sauce. The result? Bend Sauce, a thick, smooth, seedless chipotle hot sauce that “dazzles with every bite.”

“That color you see in our sauce is 100% natural from the fruit of the chipotles,” Craig says. “Chipotle is a red, vine-ripened jalapeño chili pepper, which has been smoked and dried. We get them from a family farm in New Mexico.”

As owners of Bend-based Bend Sauce, they also produce Cinder Dust, a chipotle-based seasoning salt, which includes Oregon’s own Jacobsen Salt Co.’s sea salt. The production of Cinder Dust allows Bend Sauce, in partnership with Oregon State University, to produce zero waste during the making of its sauce and seasoning. How? The pulp and seeds removed from the chipotle peppers are dehydrated to make the seasoning. That’s a win-win.

Bend Sauce and Cinder Dust are versatile, too, as numerous chefs and home cooks can attest. Many of these recipes can be found on their company website, like Kirsty Redden’s recipe for a Chipotle Bacon Double Cheeseburger.

Bend Sauce also mixes well with mayo, ketchup, ranch dressing, barbecue sauce “to kick up the flavor and heat,” Craig says. “Cinder Dust makes a beautiful seasoning, rub and cocktail-rimmer.”

As a family-owned business, Craig and Nikki feel like they’ve found their niche.

“Market of Choice is an incredible partner,” Craig says. “They embrace and support local businesses and deliver an unparalleled retail experience to customers and vendor partners.

We are delighted to deliver on our own simple promise to bring only the best products to market.”

Published On: May 4th, 2022

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