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Lisa remembers when the organic food movement first took root in Berkeley, California. Back then, small “buying clubs” worked with local farmers to bring fresh, food directly to consumers. In the following years, a “shop local” trend caught on and spread. Today, as a freight clerk at our Belmont store in Portland, she relies on her industry experience to ensure customers have choices, especially those with unique, local flavor.

Lisa makes sure that our Belmont store has a steady supply of fresh dairy products and eggs. She says one thing she likes about her Market is the selection, which suits a variety of customers. “I’m really enthusiastic about the range of products,” she says.

Throughout her career, customers and co-workers alike have sought out Lisa for her expertise. “I like customer service, which to me is sharing information with good people,” she says.

At work and at home, her passion is organic food. She used to grow all her own vegetables and even harvested eggs from her own flock of chickens. “I know the difference between chickens that are allowed to wander around, scratching away in the grass,” she says. “It makes the eggs very, very different.”

Lisa saw an opportunity three years ago when a new Market of Choice store was opening close to her home. She says she’s been able to grow into the job and find her own niche. She’s glad to be a part of the Belmont store at the Goat Blocks, she says.

“This is my neighborhood, and the people who shop here are my neighbors,” she says. “And that’s a good feeling.”

Published On: September 22nd, 2020

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