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Ecliptic Brewing   

Celebrate the celestial journey

John Harris' craft-brewing venture was written in the stars. An icon among aficionados, John is credited for the genesis of quintessential Oregon beers, produced during his time at McMenamins, Deschutes and Full Sail. Ecliptic Brewing, the next phase in John's illustrious career, unites his two passions: brewing and astronomy. In celebration of the celestial seasons, John creates beer in constant rotation throughout the year. Developing classic yet unique styles with fresh ingredients in the most sustainable way makes his world go round. Find John's Portland-based brews at your Market Beer & Wine Shop.

Beer & Wine Dept. Special

  • Deschutes

    6 pk - Outstanding craft beer from Bend, Oregon. Excludes Bond Street and Armory.

    7.99 +dep

    GOOD THRU 7/21 - 8/3/17

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