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Block 15
In building their Corvallis business, beer by beer, founders Nick and Kristen Arzner at Block 15 have developed a reputation for quality and sustainability. Makers of fresh, hop-forward ales, crisp lagers and malty sippers, their brews reflect a range of styles.
A rarely found self-distribution model ensures swift delivery to your Market Beer Shop, so that nothing is lost before the beer's freshness and aroma hits the shelf.
With any eye on the environment, the brewery also takes sustainability and stewardship seriously, by conserving water and sourcing organic and regional ingredients, among other efforts. That's something to celebrate.

Beer & Wine Dept. Special

  • Wildcraft Elderberry Perry
    Wildcraft Elderberry Perry

    25.4 oz - Mountain-harvested elderberries are fermented with wild pear skins and then blended with wild-fermented perry to make a bright, fruity and balanced beverage.

    14.99 +dep

    GOOD THRU 12/7 - 12/20/18