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Deeps Roots Coalition

A commitment to sustainable viticulture from 24 Oregon wineries
What gives wine its distinct character? Soil, weather, the wine maker – and a little bit of luck. Add irrigation to the equation, and you've watered down an age-old tradition, says the Deep Roots Coalition, whose mission is to promote dry farming techniques.
Many of the best winegrowing regions in the world do not irrigate. Growers began irrigating vines in the 1970s, yet "dry farming" has become commonplace in Oregon, where every drop counts.

At your Market of Choice Wine Shop, you'll find many wines produced exclusively from non-irrigated vines, using organic and/or biodynamic farming techniques, including Ayres, Beaux Fères, Belle Pente, Cameron, Crowley, Evesham Wood, Eyrie, J. Christopher, Matello and Westrey.

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