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New year, new beer!

In our continuing pursuit of offering new beers, your Market has brought in some new selections. We are currently carrying three new-to-our-area breweries and look forward to providing new options as they become available. Make room in your cart, you’ll need it!

Sixpoint Brewing: A long awaited arrival at our Market. This Brooklyn-based beer is noted for its solid flagship lineup, as well as its inventive seasonal brews. Keep your eyes open as more offerings become available; in the meantime, here are a couple of our current six-pack options.

Resin IPA: A bold and piney-tasting IPA that packs a hoppy punch. This is a perfect beer to go with a blue cheeseburger. $12.50/6pk +Dep.

Sweet Action: A light cream ale that offers a balance of sweetness with a clean finish. $9.59/6pk +dep.

Heretic Brewing: This California brewery is known for diverse offerings. Our current offerings at your Market certainly reflect that.

Petit Rouge: Hibiscus Belgian pale ale, a beer slightly tart and fully delicious. $5.99/22oz. +dep.

Evil Twin: A hoppy and bold red IPA with just enough malt on the end to keep the finish from being bitter. $5.99/22oz. +dep.

Fremont Brewing: This Washington brewery has been delivering exceptional beers for some time, before becoming available to Oregon. In addition to six packs, we are fortunate to have some limited quantities of their barrel-aged selections.

Kentucky Dark Star Bourbon: An Imperial Oatmeal Stout aged in bourbon, this has one of the best finishes of any bourbon beer you may have the good fortune to try. Last year’s release was great after six months of aging; however, it will display its characteristics well now. $17.29/22oz +dep.

Abominable w/Coffee & Cinnamon: A more limited release of their barrel-aged Abominable, this combination of cinnamon and coffee provide a more complex offering than its namesake. Yet another beer that may benefit from cellaring, if so inclined. $18.49/22oz +dep.

As our new year begins, we expect these breweries to release more and more products as they become established in our area. Visit our 29th & Willamette Market in Eugene to try some of these great options.