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It’s a Ciderrrriffic time of year!

Fun things are happening at your South Eugene Market of Choice! We have recently expanded our beer selection to make room for more of the things you love. We’ve also more than doubled our selections of cider, offering more varieties from down the road and across the globe.

We now have an expanded selection of quality French ciders. The French are known for producing wonderful fruit forward dry ciders with amazing depth and character. Coming mostly from the Normandy region in France, some of these ciders are from cider orchards with trees over 200 years old. One example is the Eric Bordelet Sidre Brut Tendre at 17.99. Once you pop the cork and cage of this 750 ml champagne bottle, you are immediately met with fresh apple sweetness. This cider, like many of the wines of France, is terroir driven, which means it gets most of its character from the soil around the fruit, which in this case consists of heavy granite deposits. The finish has great tart apple and mineral notes to the long dry finish.

Our expanded cider selection also means we’re offering a greater variety of Spanish Basque Ciders. The Basque region of Spain has a wonderful centuries-old tradition of cider making from native apple varieties found only in that part of the world. Traditionally poured from large wooden casks where the ciders mature, these unique ciders are poured from a distance of at least 3 feet. These extremely tart, sour ciders are known the world over for their distinctive dry tart finish. This cider pairs excellently with rich soft cheeses and decadent Spanish dishes. My favorite example of the style is the Sarasola at 9.99/750ml bottle. Wonderfully tart and balanced, it leaves a great sour kick in your mouth that screams for more.

Coming back to the America, we have Millstone Cider Farmgate from Maryland (23.79/750ml). These ciders are far different from your average east coast sweet apple cider that has recently flooded the market. Following a far more traditional way of making cider, Millstone uses only true cider apples and incorporates native yeast, to give it a uniquely rounded sweet-yet-funky tart finish that leaves a long, refreshing finish. Pairs well with blue cheese and rich pork salami.

Finally, back home in the great state of Oregon, we have a newcomer to the scene in Swift Cider out of Portland. Relatively new to the bottle market, Swift Cider has become quite popular on draft at Portland area pubs. Using only fresh pressed Oregon apples, they stay true to the craft way of cider. The Marionberry is a wonderfully rich cider aged over Oregon’s native marionberries for a wonderfully tart fruit aroma. Pouring a beautiful magenta color, this unfiltered cider is brewed using some native yeast strains as well, which gives it a truly unique presence in the Oregon Cider lineup (7.99/22oz).

These are just a few examples of the fine craft ciders from around the world that you’ll find at your Willamette Street Market of Choice. At all of Your Market of Choice Beer and Wine areas, your Market Beer and Wine Stewards are hard at work finding the best ciders from around the globe.

Check back with us regularly to see what new, exciting offerings are available, and never hesitate to ask your local steward for suggestions. We are passionate and knowledgeable about all of the products we offer, and always willing to help.