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Entertaining is easy with our vast selection of high-quality, made-to-order or ready-to-serve pies. Everyone has a favorite, so get more than one! Choose from classic cream, luscious layered and flavorful fruit pies. Or get creative and ask us to make something special, just for you. Get exactly what you want for no additional charge by placing an order with your Market Bakery in person or over the phone, 48 hours in advance.

Cream Pies

Banana Cream: You'll go bananas for this pie! We fill a buttery, baked pie shell with fresh banana custard, then we top it with lightly sweetened vanilla whipped cream and garnish it with dried banana chips.

Banana Split Cream: A delightful twist on the traditional ice cream dessert, this pie starts with a baked crust coated with dark chocolate ganache. We fill it with layers of fresh banana custard, crushed pineapple custard and strawberry filling. Fresh whipped cream, chocolate ganache, roasted peanuts and Maraschino cherries make up the finishing touches.

Black Forest: The buttery, baked crust of this pie is coated with dark chocolate ganache, filled with dark chocolate custard and topped with cherry filling. We add a border of fresh whipped cream and sprinkle with chocolate shavings. Yum!

Caramel Chocolate Turtle: Indulge with our delicious take on a classic confection. We coat the bottom of a buttery pie shell with dark chocolate ganache, fill the shell to a dome with dark chocolate custard, top it with caramel and toasted pecans, drizzle it with dark chocolate ganache and add a border of fresh, vanilla whipped cream. Oh, my!

Chocolate Banana Cream: Layers of banana custard and dark chocolate custard sit atop a dark chocolate ganache-coated crust that's baked to golden perfection. This pie is topped with fresh whipped cream and garnished with chocolate ganache and slices of chocolate-dipped dried banana chips.

Chocolate Cream: A chocolate lover's dream! We coat the inside of a baked, buttery crust with dark chocolate ganache, fill it with dark chocolate custard, then dome it with fresh whipped cream and a dusting of chocolate shavings.

Chocolate Peanut Butter: This amazing pie features chocolate and peanut butter. Dark chocolate ganache coats the bottom of a buttery, baked crust that's filled with layers of peanut butter custard and chocolate custard, topped with fresh whipped cream, peanuts and a light drizzle of ganache.

Coconut Cream: A tropical treat, our buttery pie crust is filled with coconut custard, topped with fresh whipped cream and embellished with toasted coconut.

German Chocolate: Dark chocolate custard and sweetened coconut flakes fill a buttery crust that's coated with dark chocolate ganache. Freshly whipped cream, chocolate shavings and toasted coconut complete this creamy delight.

Lemon Cream: A refreshing dessert after any meal, the buttery crust of this pie is filled with lemon custard and topped with fresh whipped cream.

Marionberry Cream: Flavorful marionberries star in this creamy, dreamy pie. A buttery crust is filled with layers of custard and berries, then bordered with fresh whipped cream.

PiƱa Colada Pie: Some might say this pie is better than the drink! A buttery pie crust is filled with coconut custard, topped with crushed pineapple and vanilla whipped cream and garnished with dried pineapple and a cherry.

Raspberry Cream: A real showstopper, this beautiful berry cream pie features a buttery crust filled with layers of custard and raspberry bordered with fresh whipped cream. Simply delicious.


Fruit Pies

Apple and Sugar-Free Apple*
Berry and Sugar-Free Berry*
Cherry and Sugar-Free Cherry*
Fresh Strawberry (seasonal)
Peach and Sugar-Free Peach*


Additional Pies

Key Lime
Lemon Meringue
Pumpkin and Sugar-Free Pumpkin*
Sour Cream Cherry
Sour Cream Lemon
Strawberry Cream
Sweet Potato


*Sugar-free pies available only by special order, placed 48 hours prior to pick up.

Contact your Market Bakery

Order in person or over the phone from your Market Bakery. Online ordering is not available.


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