My Market, My Boutique Bakers

Passionate about what we do, we believe in the traditions and art of baking. We are skilled bakers and decorators, who are honored to create taste-tempting treats for your special occasions. 
Unlike other grocery store bakeries, we are custom bakers who provide boutique bakery quality at a better price. Whenever possible, we choose local ingredients and sustainably sourced products, like flour from local mills and fruit from local farms, because it's important to us โ€“ and we know it's important to you, too. Check out our display cases full of mouthwatering treats or place a special order โ€“ and enjoy!

Bakery Dept. Special

  • Sunrise Smoothie

    20 oz - Packed with vitamin C, this smoothie features cold-pressed carrot, apple and ginger juices, combined with a tropical blend of mangoes and pineapple. SAVE 50ยข


    GOOD THRU 1/10 - 1/23/20