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Market Barista Smoothie Bowls

Turn up your taste buds and reinvigorate healthy eating!

Made with Willamette Valley Fruit and fiber-rich blended vegetables, each bowl is packed with premium ingredients, such as acai berries, ginger, turmeric, kale, chia seeds, coconut water and Oregon wildflower honey. They’re made even better with a layer of freshly baked Market Bakery granola and fresh fruits, nuts and seeds, depending on your choice. Try each delicious bowl!


Bakery Dept. Special

  • Chocolate Indulgence Desserts
    Chocolate Indulgence Desserts

    3-inch - Treat the chocolate lover in your life to an amazing truffle, topped with raspberry and garnished with chocolate cream cheese. SAVE $2


    GOOD THRU 2/12 - 2/18/19