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Goodies and Treats

Deliciously sinful, our most sought-after delights will make your jaw drop. Not because they’re beautiful – they are – but because they’re quite simply the sweetest, richest, most splendid treats ever to cross your lips. Made with good ol’ fashioned ingredients, your Market bakers take great pride in making things from scratch. We are passionate about trying new things, and we’re not limited to our own ideas. If you can imagine it, we can create it – it’s how we come up with some of our best recipes. Wow them. Or treat yourself. We simply ask that you leave your guilt at the door.

Rich and creamy, our Market Bakery cheesecake comes in a variety of flavors and sizes. Some of our favorites include Turtle made with caramel and pecans. If you’re in the mood for a classic, we also have Vanilla Cheesecake with fruit topping or finished with chocolate ganache. We even take requests. Tell us what you crave and we’ll create it.

Timeberline Tart
A symphony of flavors in a shortbread crust, the Timberline Tart is a pear frangipane made with dark chocolate and local hazelnuts. A Market Bakery favorite, especially during the holiday season, it’s great when heated and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and enjoyed by the fire.

Ultimate Indulgence
The name says it all. This sumptuous dessert is made with our Callebeaut chocolate ganache, with just a hint of raspberry. It will be the hit of your next dinner party. It feeds approximately eight guests. Or make it a party for one, and treat yourself for days.

Cinnamon Rolls
The perfect morning indulgence, our Cinnamon Rolls are made from scratch, then hand cut. These moist treats are simply scrumptious and always trans-fat free. We top them with the gooey goodness of our famous cream cheese icing. How could you resist?

Market Bakery Brownies are one of our best sellers, for good reason. Fudgy and rich, each morsel is made with all natural ingredients. We make them even better with our yummy icings: chocolate cream cheese, mint butter cream, German chocolate and vanilla cream cheese. You’re in for one sweet experience, so eat your heart out.

Be warned, our Market Bakery Cookies are so good – one try and you’ll be hooked. Some of our favorites include: Oatmeal Raisin, to-die-for Peanut Butter and Harvest Cookies with dried cranberries and raisins. With so many delicious options, the hardest part is choosing.