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More than an in-store coffee stop, your Market Barista is an experience unto itself. Let our knowledgeable baristas whip up your perfect drink. Choose a classic or one of our unique creations, made with high-quality, local ingredients. Cozy up with a cup of coffee or tea. Or enjoy an all natural smoothie, made with fresh, locally grown fruit and your choice of dairy, juice or dairy alternatives. A fresh pastry from your Market Bakery makes the perfect accompaniment.

Locally Roasted Coffee Beans

Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Located in Portland, Oregon, Stumptown Coffee Roasters delivers a better cup of coffee that makes a statement. Its Direct Trade standards allow the price of the beans to be paid directly to farmers to help them sustain the coffee farm, their employees and their community. Start your morning with Stumptown’s exceptional coffee or espresso, served by your Market Barista.

Noble Coffee Roasting (at our Ashland location)
The outstanding coffee from Noble Coffee Roasting in Ashland, Oregon, starts with the highest-quality green coffees from organic farms and cooperatives, continues with careful roasting, and finishes in the finest details of brewing. The roasters at Noble, both masters and students of the bean, produce fresh, organic, handcrafted coffees you’re sure to enjoy

Locally Crafted Teas

Jasmine Tea Merchants
In Portland, Oregon the people at Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants are passionate about the flavors, culture and history of tea. Visit your Market Barista to experience their delightful array of fresh, rare and seasonal loose-leaf teas, steeped especially for you.


Our smoothies are made to order. Start by choosing your favorite flavor combination of sweet fruit from Willamette Valley Fruit Company: pineapple, spinach, kale and more. Then we’ll blend it with your choice of yogurt, fresh Umpqua milk, Pacific soymilk, freshly squeezed orange juice, coconut milk or almond milk. Don’t be fooled – they taste sinfully delicious, but they are actually good for you. So drink up!

Wheatgrass Shots

Enhance immunity and increase vitality with a healthy shot of organic wheatgrass from your Market Barista. Nature’s true superfood, our wheatgrass comes from Spectrum Light Organics in Lebannon, Oregon. Refrigerated before juicing for superior taste, it provides abundant vitamins and nutrients, including iron, magnesium, amino acids, chlorophyll, vitamins A, B-17, C, E, K and B-complex. Add a burst of nutrition to your next smoothie or juice, or enjoy it straight up!


(Available at: Bend, Cedar Mill, Corvallis, Willakenzie, Willamette and West Linn)

Stella Gelato
Stella Gelato’s smooth texture and rich flavor make even die-hard ice cream fans melt. Made in Eugene, Oregon, owners David Feinstein and Mitch Temple create these tasty Italian delights the traditional way – from scratch. Stella Gelato is smoother in texture and more richly flavored than American-style ice cream because it has less air and fat, making its flavor even more intense. Made with seasonal ingredients, the flavors are always changing, so you’ll never get bored. Also try dairy-free Sorbetto, available in 12 flavors.

Coconut Bliss
Satisfying and sweet, Coconut Bliss is a dairy-, soy- and gluten-free alternative to ice cream. This rich, creamy dessert made with coconut milk is the innovation of Luna and Larry Kaplowitz of Eugene, Oregon. The couple gave up dairy for health and ethical reasons and, after trying soy- and rice-based alternatives, found coconut to be the perfect balance of flavor and nutrition. Try a scoop and find your bliss.