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Artisan Breads

More of a science than an art, artisan bread baking begins in the hands of a skilled craftsperson who is highly trained to mix, ferment, shape and bake an extraordinary loaf of bread. At Market of Choice we understand the science behind the ingredients, and we provide the best possible environment for bread to develop.

One of the oldest and most basic of foods, our artisan breads are made with all natural ingredients. And it begins with our starters.

Market of Choice may be the only grocery store in Oregon to create its bread with all-natural starters. Naysayers claimed natural starters couldn’t be done at the store level and said the process was too labor intensive. But we've found that the extra time, work and commitment are worth it. Not only is the flavor and texture better, it’s also healthier for you.

Affectionately named by each Market Bakery – Fifi, George, etc. – our sourdough starters must be "fed" every day in order to stay “alive.”

Other stores use mixes or buy frozen dough and call it scratch baking. Not us. Our definition of scratch means starting at the beginning and using whole ingredients throughout. Taking short cuts saves time, but produces an inferior product. We believe our customers deserve more than that.

Baked to perfection, each handcrafted roll and loaf takes on its own irregular shape. We figure there’s nothing wrong with being unique. In fact, that’s they way we prefer it.

Brioche is an enriched French bread. Its high egg-and-butter content makes it rich in flavor and gives it a delicate crumb texture. An egg wash gives it a golden flaky crust. It first appeared in print in 1404, but some believe it was first created during Roman times. Brioche is generally consumed as breakfast bread. But there are many savory dishes that benefit from the dough. You will see ours as a braided loaf or as more traditional rolls with the knot on top. We also create some delicious, melt-in-your-mouth hamburger buns.

Hot Cross Buns
History tells us that Hot Cross Buns were outlawed in England when protestant monarchs took over. Because they were so popular, Elizabeth I passed a law in 1592 permitting them only at Easter and Christmas. And sailors believed they would bring good luck for a safe voyage. Children’s songs have even been written about them! Hot Cross Buns are a sweet, spiced bun made with dried fruit and marked by a white cross, made of either flour and water, or (as our customers prefer) white icing. We can make them either way, upon request. Come in and taste this traditional sweet roll for yourself.

This slightly sweet bread is known for its beautiful braided shape and golden shine. Available year-round in traditional plain, sesame or poppy seed.

Dinner Rolls
Our Market Bakery Dinner Rolls are a classic favorite, available year round. No matter the shape – knots, Parkerhouse or round – these dinner rolls are always fluffy companions to your feast. Choose from seeded, plain or whole wheat.