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Artisan Baker and Bakery Sales Manager Christina Jessie was born to bake. Passed down from one generation to the next, Christina inherited the baking gene from her mother and grandmother, whose baked goods are the highlight of family gatherings. Christina is glad to share what she’s learned over the years, and she’s excited to tell you about all of the delicious things you can find at your Market Bakery.

IMG 6387 EDITED TWSummer is here, and we’re finally getting some beautiful weather! One of my favorite things about the bakery is the switching of seasons. Delectable winter desserts transition into cooler, refreshing summer treats—fresh fruit tarts, strawberry cream pies, scratch-made angel food and short cakes, just to name a few.

IMG 6424 EDITED TWAt our new Bend Market of Choice opening, I was inspired by the mountains and fresh air. My childhood summer memories came flooding back, as I decorated cakes with colorful home-style buttercream flowers, forests and cakes shaped like tree stumps and forest critters—all things found in the outdoors, can be found in our bakery to get you in the mood for camping.

Summer holidays bring hand-rolled fondant stars and stripes and other fun designs for cakes to give them that perfect pop of color and provide an extra sweet surprise for guests.

The best part, besides being fun to make (shhhh don't tell!) is that our scratch-made desserts mean no kitchen clean-up for you and more time spent outside, making summer memories with love ones. Let us help you maximize your fun this summer by leaving those beautiful and delicious desserts to us.

Sitting down to plan the remainder of the year made me suddenly realize that we are already knee deep in the holidays. Thanksgiving is this coming week!

If your family is like mine, we like our pie. And there are simply so many kinds to choose from that we end up with way too many. Can you have too many?

To please everyone in my family, this is how it goes: We get coconut cream for my husband and banana cream for my bother. Dad must have apple pie, while my brother-in-law loves peach. Mom like berry and my sister-in law has to have lemon meringue. My oldest son loves chocolate cream – who doesn’t? My niece is dairy-free, so she gets a special one. And of course we need pumpkin – that’s just tradition.

And we love to bake, so we have to try at least one new recipe per baker. Where does that leave us? With 14 pies, oh my! Of course, we all have to test each one to be sure it turned out OK, so we take a sliver of this one a bit of that one. We pretty much have turkey for lunch and pie for dinner. If you run out of time, like I so often do during the holidays, you can always count on your Market Bakery.

This year, we have the best selection we've ever had at your Market Bakery. Come by and pick up what you need. We have a wide selection of cream pies and fruit pies, ranging from traditional to our show-stopping handcrafted pies, which are baked in glass pie plates, just like you would at home. We cram a whopping two pounds of fruit in every 9-inch pie, which are made with a handmade crust that’s flakey and delicious.

Other great items include our fresh baked rolls and stuffing mixes. And because you likely won’t feel like cooking the next morning, we have plenty of scones, cinnamon rolls and muffins to make Christmas shopping a bit easier.

From my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!


150401ChristinaJessieBakeryBlogImageWhen my son, who just graduated from Air Force basic military training, was asked what we could bring him for graduation, he said he wanted sweets from the Market of Choice Bakery. Since I was hearing this second hand (he wife relayed the message) and could not ask him questions, my mind raced through all our delicious products, and I knew it would be hard to choose. I missed him so much, I could have bought everything in the Bakery for him! My husband saw the look on my face and said “Take it easy there. Don’t go too crazy.”

But that’s just me. I am bakery-centric and a well-known food pusher. You never know what I will buy. First, my mind went directly to cakes. Then I envisioned trying to wrestle a layer cake in a box on the plane. It could be done, but it might not look too pretty by the time it got there.

Then there was the lack of refrigeration to worry about. Do I try to bring a cooler filled with cheesecakes, éclairs and creampuffs on the plane? That wouldn’t work either – too cumbersome and too hard to control the temp.

Then I went into our Market of Choice store and walked through the Bakery. How could I pick? There were coffee cakes, pudding cakes, sticky buns and such a variety of cookie flavors – it was so hard to pick. I know my son loves the smoothies and espresso but how could I take that? Sometimes the choices even overwhelm me.

I asked the clerk, Lori, for her opinion on what would travel well. She offered to do a mixed package of my family’s favorite cookies: Chocolate Chewies, flourless chocolate cookies with walnuts, and Market Royales, chocolate chunk cookies with coconut and macadamia nuts. These soft, all-butter cookies are amazing. Then I added our Wheat-Free Peanut Butter cookies dipped in delicious dark chocolate ganache. I just couldn’t stop there! I also picked out some of our scratch-made cinnamon rolls topped with vanilla cream cheese icing that come in a nice package, perfect for travel. Both the cookie and rolls fit snugly into my carry on.

When we finally got there, it was great to give them to my son. He was grateful that I was able to work it out, and he shared the sweets with his buddy who had helped him get through basic training. I think he was proud of his mom.

So many times we walk into a store overwhelmed by emotion due to things happening in our lives from births, deaths, weddings and graduations. It is nice to have great people there to guide us to those products that will fit our needs. Never be afraid to ask for advice when choosing a dessert. We love to help!

131210bakeryblogpicShoveling snow and ice is not a common occurrence for us in most areas of the Willamette Valley. But here we are in sub-zero temps, searching for ways to warm up. Luckily, we have many items available at your Market Bakery to take home, snuggle up with by the fire and enjoy.

My boys love to come in and enjoy some piping hot Moonstruck chocolate with handmade marshmallows after being in the snow. We have some wonderful Mallow marshmallows now available on our Bakery tables. And Moonstruck has three wonderful flavors of hot cocoa to choose from. Mayan, for those who love a bit of spice for Mexican hot chocolate, Milk Chocolate, the one my lids love, and Dark Chocolate, which is my favorite.

Our made-from-scratch freshly baked cinnamon rolls are a great surprise for the family, any time of day. I know my family feels special, and a bit spoiled, when I bring them home.

For those who have no time to stop this holiday season, we have lots of goodies to pick up and enjoy on the go. We have a lovely Danish and pastry selection – these are all-butter Danish with lots of yummy fruit fillings. You will also find scones in spelt and fruit. We use locally produced fruit from Willamette Valley Fruit Company for our scones and pastries.

Have you tried our all-butter croissants? We have whole grain, traditional and chocolate. Our turnovers are made with all-butter pastry dough and local fillings. And don’t forget our delicious sticky buns. These amazing cinnamon rolls are baked with caramel and nuts!

There are many, many more choices, too, for those on the go.

And don't forget about our delicious hot drinks from your Market Barista. Come in out of the cold and get a lovely cup of tea, hot chocolate or any number of espresso drinks. Our expert Baristas will create any drink – whatever fits your mood. If you don’t see it on the menu, just ask and we’ll make it for you.

Let us help you make it through this busy holiday. Take a moment and breathe in the delicious aromas that come from your Market Barista and your Market Bakery. Grab a pastry and coffee to fuel yourself during this busy time of year!
130919MOC-ChristinaJessieBlogIsn’t it amazing how we crave the fragrant aroma of cinnamon and pumpkin spice as soon as that first cold snap hits? Apple pies, pumpkin bars, zucchini and banana bread – every one of them make a delicious prelude to the holidays. There are so many freshly baked fall items for you to choose from at your Market Bakery.

This year, I have caramel on my mind. All sorts of delicious buttery caramels – plain, mixed with lavender, coated with chocolate (milk or dark), with smoked sea salt, Fleur de sel (flower of salt), or amazing Pink Hawaiian sea salt. Or maybe caramel filled with nuts. This luscious confection enhances so many of our favorite snacks. At your Market Bakery, we have some incredible on-the-go caramel snacks: JO’s makes caramel corn with sea salt, with chocolate and without. Some varieties even have almonds – yum!

If these don’t piqued your interest, ask your Market Bakers to create an amazing caramel mousse, layered with a delicious chocolate ganache! Or, indulge in one of our chocolate cakes with caramel, like our Turtle Cake or maybe our Chocolate Caramel Cake, which has layers of moist chocolate cake, a smooth caramel filling and nuts, enrobed in our amazing chocolate cream cheese icing and topped with chocolate ganache and more caramel and nuts. I just can’t get enough of it!

Swing in for a slice or a whole cake. We can make whatever you’re craving this fall. Just give us a call or pop on by. See you at the Market!
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