Bookkeeping, as in life, is about finding the right balance – and Kamille has done just that in her role as a Bookkeeper at our Ashland Market. In addition to bookkeeping, she works as a Cashier and will train to be a Scan Coordinator in the near future.

When she accepted a job as a Cashier two years ago, she didn’t have any idea that a career in finance was in her future. But her managers noticed how skilled she was at her job – her till was always on the number. “I am very keen on detail,” she says.

She says she appreciates the support she received from her managers and the encouragement they provided along the way. In the process, Kamille felt her confidence grow. Now, she ensures that things pencil out for her team.

“I can do pretty much most things on my own,” she says. “I like working here because there’s an opportunity to grow. But I never thought it would happen so fast. It’s nice knowing that my skills matter.”

Kamille loves getting to know customers and her co-workers. As a Cashier, she enjoys chatting with people as they come through her line and helping them find everything they needed. She’s also found friends in her co-workers. “It really feels like family here,” she says. “Everyone looks out for everyone.”

When she’s not working, Kamille is all about living in the moment. She loves reading – she’s read more than 500 books! – and also enjoys writing and listening to music. As someone who likes to shop at Market of Choice, she appreciates the wide variety of products that meet her dietary needs. “We actually have the stuff I can eat!” she says.

Looking ahead, she sees a bright future for herself at Market of Choice. “It’s really nice to work at a place where I can feel comfortable being myself,” Kamille says. “I enjoy the personal connections I’ve made here.”

Published On: January 5th, 2021

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