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When Laura Melgarejo and Thomas Angel learned that many of their family and friends were looking for ways to add CBD, lion’s mane and other natural health aids into their diet, they saw an opportunity to help. Their idea was to develop a simple product that helped people incorporate herbal supplements into their daily routines.

“We wanted to make functional ingredients accessible and delicious by putting it into their existing routine,” Thomas says.

“And for most people, coffee is part of their morning routine,” Laura adds.

In 2020, the couple moved to Bend, Oregon where they found a community that is accommodating to beverage start-ups. Then, they got to work crafting tasty nitro coffee beverages in their kitchen and adding CBD, chaga, reishi and lion’s mane mushrooms to the mix. The results are delicious, on-the-go beverages that are accessible and good for the body.

In the summer of 2022, Laura and Thomas took their concept a step further by launching a line of mocktails with a white tea base, spirulina for natural color, hemp-derived CBD for relaxation, and nootropics for a sense of wellbeing and euphoria. Altitude mocktails are healthy, fit perfectly into your nightly routine, and make a great alternative to alcohol.

“Our goal is to provide better options for people when they want to take the edge off, and to replicate the feeling they get from alcohol without the side effects,” Thomas says.

Laura and Thomas love giving back to their community by supporting charities, including the annual event at the Oregon Golf Club to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House and the Bend Stair Climb event for leukemia.

Published On: May 17th, 2023

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