Available fresh at your Market of Choice Meat & Seafood Department, our Alaskan salmon is wild caught from the waters of Bristol Bay in Alaska. It’s the most productive salmon ecosystem in North America, producing five species: sockeye, Chinook, coho, chum and pink salmons.

The Bristol Bay watershed supports the largest sockeye salmon run in the world, producing about 46% of the world’s wild sockeye harvest.

Near the Wood River, these fisherfolk process about 600,000 pounds of sockeye salmon. It takes only a day and a half from the time the fish is caught, then processed and shipped to our Markets and elsewhere on the West Coast, to provide you the freshest fish possible.

Bristol Bay salmon season runs June through July during Alaska’s short summer season. The shortness of the run is truly unique, requiring year-long planning and incredible collaboration. And through it all, the Alaska’s fishing industry is committed to sustainable fishing practices, which is right in line with your Market’s high standards for sustainability and best practices.

Visit your Market Meat & Seafood Department for fresh Alaskan salmon. It’s the perfect entrée – easy to prepare and delicious to eat – throughout the holiday season. Be sure to give some of our Market of Choice salmon recipes a try. Or visit your Market Kitchen for the very latest in dishes featuring Alaskan salmon.

Published On: November 7th, 2022

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