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Meet Rick

I’m Rick Wright, CEO of Market of Choice. Family-owned and operated for more than 40 years, we've built our business on listening to our customers. When they told us they wanted conventional and organic products all in one place, we made it happen. Today, our customers tell us that when offered a choice, they’d prefer to buy local.

At Market of Choice, we believe every decision we make has a ripple effect, which is why we support more than 3,000 Oregon farmers, ranchers and food producers—so you can too.

Buying local is not only good for the environment – it takes less energy to transport goods that are made nearby – it’s also an easy way to support our state's economy. When customers make that same choice, they help sustain Oregon businesses, their families and their employees. It’s a full-circle philosophy that translates into a healthier community.

Our community commitment is also reflected in how we treat our employees, by providing competitive, family-wage jobs and benefits for more than 1,200 employees at our 11 Market of Choice stores. That kind of commitment fosters deep loyalty – we’re pleased to say that some of our employees have been here since our inception.

Because we believe in social responsibility, we place great importance on giving back to our community. Learn more about our community giving here.

– Rick Wright