Smoky Baba Ghanoush


Inspired by the bright flavors of the Middle East, this vegan spread gets its smoky taste from charring peak-of-the-season veggies. Pair with Red Pepper Muhammara and Za’atar TorPita Chips for a sensational starter.

Serves: 6-8
Difficulty: moderate
Active prep time: 30 min
Non-active time: 30 min
Make ahead: up to 1 week, covered and refrigerated

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At a glance

2-3 lg firm eggplants
2-3 garlic cloves
1/2 + 1 t kosher salt
1/2 c tahini, such as Natural Directions Organic Tahini
2-3 lemons, juiced (or more)
1/2 t ground cumin (optional)
extra virgin olive oil
ground sumac*
chopped parsley


Set grill to medium-high heat. Prick eggplants a few times with a fork.

Place on grill or over open flame. Broil, turning and charring all sides until soft and collapsed, approx. 30 min. Place in a heat-resistant container, cover tightly to steam, for 20 min. Eggplant1
Transfer to cutting board, slice open lengthwise with a knife. Eggplant2
Spoon out pulp with a spoon. Eggplant3
Scoop as close as possible to the charred skin. Eggplant4
Drain pulp in a colander and remove large pieces of skin. Eggplant5

On cutting board, coarsely chop garlic. Add 1/2 t salt and mash with garlic until smooth, using back of a knife. Scrape into a medium-size bowl. On same board, roughly chop eggplant; add to garlic with 1 t salt and combine. Add tahini and lemon juice; mix well. Add cumin; adjust salt and/or lemon to taste. Cover; refrigerate one hour minimum, for flavors to meld. Transfer to serving bowl, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with sumac and parsley. Serve at room temperature.

* Ground sumac can be found in your Market Bulk department or spice aisle.


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