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Spanish “Cheese Cake”


This rich and creamy dessert from northern Spain is truly satisfying.

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Cooking Method

8 oz cream cheese, softened at room temp
1 1/3 c heavy whipping cream
½ c sugar, divided in half
½ of a 7-oz package Maria cookies (galletas de Maria), finely crushed in food processor
¼ c water
1 c quality strawberry or raspberry jam


In a mixer using the paddle attachment, beat cream cheese on med speed until smooth and lighter, scraping the sides of the bowl and the paddle occasionally. Add ¼ c sugar and heavy cream and beat on low speed to combine, scraping as needed. Increase to med speed and continue beating until the mixture is smooth and fluffy and free of lumps. Divide the cheese “mousse” between serving cups or ramekins and set in the refrigerator to cool.

Meanwhile, make the cookie crunch, place the remaining ¼ c sugar and water in a small sauce pan and bring to a boil, dissolving the sugar. Maintain at a boil for 1 min and remove from heat. Allow to slightly cool. Stir simple syrup into cookie meal, whisking to moisten and completely combine. Allow to rest for 5 min.

Heat oven to 350° and spread the cookie mixture as thinly as possible on a silicone baking mat or a sheet of parchment paper the size of a cookie sheet. Using an off-set spatula or a spackling knife is ideal for this. Bake for 12-15 min until cookie is golden brown and allow to cool completely. Break into large pieces.

When ready to serve, mix jam with a little bit of water to loosen up and drizzle on top of the cheese mousse. Stick a piece of cookie into each cup and serve.

Recipe Author/Pairings

Recipe courtesy of visiting Chefs Francisco Alonso Martín-Hinojal and Pablo Gómez de Diego of Castile y León, Spain.


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