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Cuisine - Greek

Create and serve as appetizers or enjoy these delicious recipes all at once as a complete and comforting meal.

This deliciously exotic dish exudes familiar holiday spices to create an easy and amazingly aromatic feast. Serve with warm buttered bread and a side salad, if desired, for a hassle-free holiday meal. Artisan Chef Greg Cabeza created this tasty holiday alternative.

Traditional Caponata is an eggplant and vegetable relish. Some liberties to create a more visually exciting dish.

This feel-good food has all the makings of a delicious dish: pasta, savory meats, fire-roasted tomatoes and a rich and satisfying Béchamel sauce. Serve with a crisp, green salad for a complete meal.

Try this easy-to-make, Greek-inspired alternative to veggie pot pie, using phyllo dough to sandwich fresh summer vegetables and herbs, roasted garlic and tomatoes and tangy bits of feta. Perfect as a side, a potluck dish or as a vegetarian entrée. Serves 8.

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Irish Seafood Chowder
Irish Seafood Chowder