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Course/Dish - Meat

Translated from Spanish to mean “in the style of the shepherd,” al pastor pork is traditionally spit-grilled. This easy-to-make version has the same great flavor and tender meat without the mess of a rotisserie. For added zing, plan ahead and marinate pork overnight. Makes 12 tacos.

These savory pork chops are pounded thin, dusted with flour, quickly browned and topped with a creamy mustard sauce, then finished with sautéed apples and leeks. Cauliflower-Potato Mash and Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon make excellent sides.

Difficulty: intermediate
Time: 45 min
Serves: 4
Special tools: meat mallet or heavy pan

This elegant Piemontese entrée gets great flavor from a hearty Barolo or Barbera red wine. Serves 4.

Guinness-laden sirloin adds richness and depth to these flakey meat pies filled with earthy veggies and creamy Dubliner cheese. Serve with a big salad for a wonderful Irish meal. Makes 8 pies.

Mushrooms, cream and bourbon add a burst of mouthwatering flavor to this twist on meat and potatoes, featuring tender beef, roasted potatoes with garlic, thyme and wilted kale with bacon. Serves 2.

Flavorful autumn ale adds character and tenderness to this hearty beef roast, served with feel-good fall vegetables that are roasted to bring out their deep, soul-satisfying flavor. Serves 6-8.

This rub adds an unexpected, sophisticated flavor to your favorite grilled meats. Cacao nibs offer a slightly nutty, earthy taste with subtle hints of chocolate. Marinate tri-tip overnight for full flavor. Serves 4-6.

This fiery assortment of meats served with two flavorful sauces is a great way to entertain. Enjoy with an Orange, Olive and Red Onion Salad for an authentic meal. Serves 4-6.

Chuck roast is a less expensive way to enjoy this classic entrée, which is often made with beef tenderloin. It’s definitely worth your time. Serves 8 (2 loaves).

Substantial, earthy and comforting in so many ways, this sandwich and root vegetable salad get a touch of tang from the sauerkraut and mustard that make this Irish-inspired meal complete. Serves 4.

This magnificent meal is perfect for celebrating Oktoberfest. Enjoy it with a stein of your favorite German beer for the full experience at home. Serves 4.

These mouth-watering tacos are light, yet fulfilling and full of snappy flavors that complement each other with every lip-smacking bite.

Grilled steaks topped with an amazing sauce and served with a tasty pasta salad is the perfect summer meal. Serves 2.

Quick and easy!

Also known as gorditas, sopes begin with thick, fried tortilla bowls that are filled with tender meat, protein-packed beans, fresh pico de gallo, cheese and lettuce or cabbage. For a magnificent Mexican meal, serve with rice and tortilla chips. Makes 4 servings, 2 sopes each.

A fusion of international cuisines, spicy Jamaican steaks and flavorful vegetable cakes add flare to summer cookouts. Serves 4.

A Korean-American invention, these tacos are extremely popular at food carts up and down the West Coast. For an authentic experience, serve them with a variety of accompaniments, such as kimchi and gochujang sauce. Makes 12 tacos.

One of the most enjoyed Korean dishes in the Western World, this thinly sliced steak is traditionally served with rice, lettuce leaves and kimchee – a spicy pickled cabbage. Simple and delicious, our method takes less time than most recipes.

Take your holiday ham to new heights with this modern, savory-meets-sweet version of an old-fashioned favorite. Serves 8-12.

Celebrate the start of grilling season with these tasty ribs that get a punch of flavor from a sweet peach glaze. Pair with our recipe for Roasted Herbed Potato Salad, and then add an iced tea or your favorite cold brew for a memorable meal. Serves 4-6.

These Southeast Asian spring rolls surprise with juicy pork loin and stir-fry vegetables wrapped up in tender crêpes, finished with a sweet and savory sauce. For gluten-free crêpes, use only all-purpose, gluten-free flour to prepare slightly thicker crêpes, and serve immediately. Be sure to check sauce and filling ingredients for alternatives to guarantee a gluten-free meal. Serves 4.

Craving a new twist on enchiladas? This mouthwatering version features slow-roasted pork and a rich mole. Yields 20 enchiladas.

Aromatic and taste tempting, this scrumptious porketta roast will fill your home with beautiful aromas that will draw hungry friends and family from near and far.

Popular in Latin America, braising creates tender, mouthwatering meat that complements this fresh, bright salad. Serve with beans, tropical fruit and fried plantains* for a colorful, complete meal.

Create a restaurant-quality meal at home with this rich and creamy duck confit ravioli. Use rabbit, pheasant, or other cooked game meat, or pulled pork as deliciously appropriate substitutes.

Want to please dad on his special day? Try this All-American meat and potatoes, off-the-grill meal with a gourmet twist.

Loaded with colorful veggies, this hearty yet good-for-you salad complements its meaty counterpart, ribeye steaks prepared with a one-of-a-kind marinade.

Salumi, which means “cured meats” in Italian, define this hearty pizza. Bold flavors combine to make the sauce truly unique. To tone it down a bit, substitute a traditional tomato sauce of your choosing. And pick from a wide variety of specialty cured meats to customize and make it your own.

A scrumptious marriage of mild, crinkled cabbage, sweet apples and savory sausage come together for an easy, satisfying meal. For a delicious vegetarian twist, replace the sausages and bacon with pierogies and follow the same method.

Quick, easy and delicious, this flat iron roast recipe also features tasty root vegetables inspired by the season.

Serves: 4
Difficulty: medium
Prep time: 15 min
Cook time: 30 min
Make ahead: Blue Cheese Butter may be made up to 1 week in advance and frozen

Fall may be here but don’t let that stop you from enjoying a delicious meal made on the grill or smoker. Made with our famous, zesty “Love Rub,” you’re family and friends are sure to love these pulled-pork sandwiches.

Savory and satisfying, this Southwest-inspired meatloaf created by your Corvallis Market Chef Kirk Veroneau has a touch of spice for just the right amount of flavor. Serves 8.

This elegant roasted leg of lamb could become your next holiday tradition. There’s very little prep work required, but when it comes to lamb, patience is a virtue. So sit back, relax and enjoy the company of friends and family while this savory dish cooks.

These tender, restaurant-quality steaks are made even better with locally made Oakshire Stout, a dark, silky oatmeal beer brewed with beans from a Eugene coffee roaster. Serves 2.

Looking for a special meal to serve? Your family is sure to love these tender chops stuffed with crunchy bacon, crisp apples, fresh spices and delicious Gouda.

Savory steak meets crisp salad. Light and satisfying, this flavorful combination is the quintessential summer entrée.

Fire up the grill and cater to everyone’s tastes with three variations of pesto to bring out the best in steak, chicken and shrimp. Serves 4.

A new twist on an old meat-and-potatoes meal, this recipe doesn’t require a lot of ingredients but does serve up loads of flavor.

Looking for a healthy, yet hearty meal? This lavish steak salad topped with delicious bacon dressing is sure to hit the spot. To make this salad extra special, we recommend Oregonzola cheese from Rogue Creamery, walnuts from Chandler’s Red Barn and Annie’s All Natural Honey Mustard.

This delectable entrée is perfect for summer barbecues.

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