Wedding Cakes
Cooking Method - Fry

A fried potato soufflé that’s deeply satisfying on a cold day.

A wonderful way to welcome spring, this zesty and flavorful chicken-and-pasta dish makes the most of seasonal veggies. Serves 4.

A smoky-sweet sauce plays the starring role in these finger-licking-good sandwiches. Serves 4.

These are some of the best salt and vinegar wings we’ve ever tasted! Serves 4-6.

A Northwest favorite, crab cakes make an elegant impression. Serve them as an appetizer or as a main course, alongside a bowl of rich and satisfying seafood chowder for a wonderful cold-weather meal.

A Northwest-style appetizer featuring potato and salmon, these easy-to-make bites will be a hit at your next gathering. Makes 12.



This magnificent meal is perfect for celebrating Oktoberfest. Enjoy it with a stein of your favorite German beer for the full experience at home. Serves 4.

Also known as gorditas, sopes begin with thick, fried tortilla bowls that are filled with tender meat, protein-packed beans, fresh pico de gallo, cheese and lettuce or cabbage. For a magnificent Mexican meal, serve with rice and tortilla chips. Makes 4 servings, 2 sopes each.

An alternative to traditional hamburgers, these flavorful veggie-legume burgers are packed with nutritious ingredients. To make this meal even better, top burgers with onion straws and serve with a side of potato salad. Makes 12 medium-sized patties and 4 servings of potato salad.

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Irish Seafood Chowder
Irish Seafood Chowder