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Balanced Green

Supercharge your life, enjoy your health, have more energy, and gain peace of mind with Balanced Green raw, plant-based products. Made in Pleasant Hill, Oregon, with organic, gluten-free and Non-GMO ingredients.

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Lifefactory Glass Beverage Bottles

Designed for the health-conscious and eco-minded, these attractive bottles are available in a range of sizes, colors and cap styles to fit your lifestyle.

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Smarty Pants All-In-One Multivitamin Gummies

Each six-gummy serving contains 150% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin D, 100% of the daily amount of vitamins C, B-6, B-12, E and folic acid, plus 450 mg of fish oil that’s rich in omega-3s.

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Kelly Rogers

Meet Kelly

As Whole Health Manager of our West Linn store, it’s her job to make sure customers have a variety of choices. When her kids came down with the sniffles, Kelly Rogers turned to herbal medicine. Many of the remedies she offered them, she now sells to customers seeking the same results.

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From whole-food supplements to plant-based shampoos, all of your personal and dietary needs can be found in your Whole Health Department. Natural, organic, conventional – they’re all in one place.

Maintaining good health is important. But let’s face it – it can be difficult to get all your daily nutrients from diet alone. That is why we carry a variety of vitamins, minerals and whole food supplements to ensure optimal health. We also carry a variety of conventional and homeopathic remedies when your health does go awry.

In addition, we offer both bulk and packaged personal-care products for your convenience. Many are made in Oregon. Slice off a bar of your favorite locally made, scented bulk soap, or choose from an array of national brands.

Looking for first aid supplies, all natural ear candles, analgesics, protein powders, all natural cosmetics, parabin-free lotions, toothpaste or special products just for kids? We have them. If you and your family are healthy and happy, we couldn’t be more pleased.


Whole Health Dept. Specials

  • Balanced Green

    Have more energy and gain peace of mind with Balanced Green raw, plant-based products. Made in Pleasant Hill, Oregon. Save on the entire line.

    Save 20%

    GOOD THRU 10/2- 10/16/15