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Burt's Bees Lip Balms

.15 oz - Premium lip balms made with soothing natural compounds, such as beeswax, camphor, menthol, clove oil, anise, eucalyptus, spearmint and lemon. SAVE $1


GOOD THRU 12/16 - 12/24/14

Boiron Cough, Cold and Flu Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic, non-drowsy and no drug interactions. Choose from Oscillococcinum, Chestal, Roxalia, Sinusalia or Coldcalm.

Save 30%

GOOD THRU 12/12 - 12/25/14

Warm Hugs or EasePaks Therapeutic Wraps

Tired, achy muscles? Let these locally made products ease your pain naturally. They provide long-lasting, moist-heat therapy to get you the relief you need. SAVE UP TO $10


GOOD THRU 12/12 - 12/25/14

American Health Papaya Enzymes

The perfect after-meal supplement, made from freshly ripened papaya with enzymes that support and maintain digestion and encourage nutrient absorption.

Save 30%

GOOD THRU 12/12 - 12/25/14

Rainbow Light Vitamin D3 Sunny Gummies

60 ct, 400 iu - Supplement your diet with tangy, natural tangerine-flavored gummies that provide optimal-potency vitamin D protection. SAVE $3


GOOD THRU 12/12 - 12/25/14

Shikai Hand & Body Lotions

8 oz - Nourish your skin with rich, all natural moisturizers, resplendent with aloe vera, wheat germ and vitamin E. SAVE $2.50


GOOD THRU 12/12 - 12/25/14