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Casey Capell

Meet Casey

You’ll always get a hearty “hello” and a sincere “thanks” whenever Corvallis Grocery Manager Casey Capell is around. A people person at heart, Casey is surrounded by friends every day.

Working at our newest store in Corvallis, he says, he encourages personal relationships. “We have 140 employees and I know them all by name,” he says. This kind of memory also allows him to get to know his customers well.

Born and raised in Bend, Oregon, Casey worked at a grocery store throughout college and eventually realized it was what he wanted to do long-term. He began working for Market of Choice six years ago.

He helped set up the Willakenzie in Eugene store when it opened in 2004. “It was pretty amazing to see it come together,” he says. Then in October 2010, Casey moved to Corvallis to be assistant manager of our newest store.

As a husband, father and assistant manager, Casey is a busy guy. But he always makes time for others, especially his customers and employees.

“I think saying ‘thank you,’ ‘hi’ and ‘goodbye’ makes all the difference,” he says.

His lead-by-example management style is one reason why people consider him so likeable. The first time a toilet backed up at the new store, he grabbed a plunger and went to work. He’s also worked in several departments other than grocery. He’s even lent a hand in the Bakery during the holidays.

“I like to be hands-on, there’s nothing I would ask others to do that I haven’t done. You get more out of employees that way,” he says.

And “do” he does. As assitant grocery manager, Casey unloads freight, makes sure the shelves are stocked, creates displays and works closely with customers and employees to ensure that everyone is happy. “We’re all close friends here because we spend so much time together. It’s nice to come to work and see your friends.”

He has a difficult time relating to those who bemoan going to work. For him, it’s just the opposite. “I like my job – I’m happy when Monday comes,” he says.


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