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Offering natural, organic and conventional choices side by side, we strive to provide customers a unique shopping experience. Whether you’re seeking everyday staples or something unusual, we have what you crave.

12-13 oz - Since 1929, four generations of Oregonians have carried on a tradition of creating award-winning condiments that elevate foods. Produced in Hillsboro, Beaver mustards and sauces are a must-have during the holidays. Top prime rib with Deli Horseradish. Spread Sweet Hot Mustard onto salami and crackers. Dip succulent shrimp into Seafood Cocktail Sauce, made with freshly grated horseradish root. Choose from a select variety and have them on hand when guests arrive. You'll find them in your Market grocery aisle. Enhance the flavor of your favorite foods


Good Thru 11/28 - 12/11/14
3-5 oz - It takes time and effort to create the best recipes, so why use anything less than the very best ingredients? Grown sustainably and processed the old-fashioned way, Red Ape Organic Cinnamon is just that – red! By taking the time to slowly grind the sticks, they create a luscious, more flavorful cinnamon that will enliven the taste of desserts and more. Try Premium Ground Cinnamon for baking and cooking or Cinnamon Sugar Shake with organic evaporated cane juice for coffee, oatmeal and toast. Shake. Sprinkle. Bake.

Packaged in Eugene, Oregon, Red Ape Organic Cinnamon donates 5% of all profits to organizations that protect orangutans and their habitat.

44 oz – Living gluten-free doesn't mean having to give up your favorite baked goods. With Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free All Purpose Baking Flour you can create cookies, cakes, breads and breakfast items, such as muffins, pancakes and waffles. Made in a dedicated gluten-free facility in Milwaukie, Oregon, this alternative to wheat flour features garbanzo bean flour, potato starch, whole grain white sorghum flour, tapioca flour and fava bean flour. A single serving contains 3.5 grams of whole grains. It makes gluten-free baking doable and delectable.

For the love of food

12 oz – Add flavor and interest to burgers, ribs, pork and roasted veggies with these unique finishing sauces from Portland, Oregon. Smoky chili flavors from south of the Rio Grande blend with sweetness of spices from east of the China Sea. With just 35 calories per serving and ingredients you can pronounce, such as orange juice, soy sauce, brown sugar, chili peppers, apple cider vinegar and garlic, you can enjoy it on everything, from huevos rancheros to salads. For barbecue, for the oven, for the table, for the love of food, choose Booda or Booda Bang Chipotle finishing sauces.

12 oz – Created with certified organic garbanzo beans and locally sourced produce, Lilly’s Hummus makes a savory and satisfying spread, dip or ingredient. As healthful as it is decadent, this gluten- and preservative-free hummus is made in small batches in Portland, Oregon, using a technique of hand roasting vegetables over hazelnut shell briquettes, specially made for Lilly’s. Try each delicious flavor: Original, Roasted Jalapeño, Roasted Garlic, Roasted Red Pepper or Smoked Tomato & Basil.

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  • 7UP Products

    12 pk - Stock up for the holidays with 7UP, A&W Root Beer, Sunkist Orange and other select varieties.

    3.99 + dep

    GOOD THRU 11/28 - 12/12/14

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