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Our Cheese Stewards

How could something as simple as cheese be so complex? If you’ve ever stood, mouth agape, and stared in awe at the wide array of cheeses found at your Market Cheese Shop, this common dilemma becomes quite clear. Specialty cheeses can be a bit overwhelming – we get that. Which is why we hire, train and speak so highly of our talented cheese stewards.

Not only do they love cheese, they know cheese. They smell it. They taste it. They research it. They get to know the people who make it. And they talk about it as if the entire word revolved around a gigantic ball of cheese – now, wouldn’t that be divine? Whether you’re trying a new recipe, planning a party, craving an old favorite or something new, your Market Cheese Stewards are here to listen and offer their advice.

Meet your Market Cheese Stewards (left to right): Nicole Skinner-Corvallis,Aaron Carlson-Delta Oaks,Mary Henderson-West Linn,Kala Nyx-Specialty Cheese Buyer and Merchandiser,Shirlee Jones-Ashland,Celia Meiners-Wilson-Corvallis,Cassie Stockton-Willamette,Christopher Nishijima-SW Portland,Kris Walters-Franklin,Erick Zito-Willakenzie,Maggie Wright-Willakenzie,Geoff Keeney-Willamette,Donna Price-Franklin,Melanie Huskey-Delta Oaks
*Not pictured: Joni DeRaeve-Corvallis, Mary McMahon-West Linn,Daisy Wooten-Ashland,Neah Kratzer-Delta Oaks,Tristum Laux-Willamette

Hunstman Cheese demonstration

Recently, we welcomed Marian Hutchings, who came all the way from England to train our stewards on how to make a beautiful, hand-prepared English Hunstman, a classic British cheese. Watch the video:


Cheese Dept. Special

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