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Cheese Trays

Our Specialty Cheese Trays are custom built to your specifications in our Market Cheese Shops. Just give us an hour and we will create a mouthwatering assortment for any occasion. Our trays include custom garnishes such as almonds, olives, dried fruits, fresh herbs, salamis, or fruit pastes – all served on a custom wooden cheese tray. Made by local artisan Wally Youngman, these custom wooden trays are crafted from natural Baltic birch plywood and pine, without any added finish.

Average Estimated Costs:

Medium (serves 8-12) $45
Large (serves 12-16) $60

Cheese Dept. Special

  • Kräuterschatz

    A celebration of Austrian cheesemaking, this semi-soft cheese is wrapped in eight alpine herbs. Refreshing with a summer salad and a glass of white wine. SAVE $3 lb

    19.99 lb

    GOOD THRU 7/11 - 7/24/14

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