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At your Market Cheese Shop, we offer an extraordinary selection of oils, vinegars, salts, fruits spreads, honey, crackers, nuts, pâtés and dried fruits. Such accompaniments are a great way to bring out the flavor and texture of your favorite gourmet cheeses.

Air-cured meats, such as Italian Prosciutto di Parma or American-made prosciutto, are also wonderful when paired with cheese. Fragrant herbs lend flavor to many naturally air-cured meats, providing an aromatic accent. Your Market of Choice features a vast array of artisan meats from the finest curers, such as Molinari, Columbus, Fra’Mani, Ventian and Salumi. Find them in your Market Cheese Shop.

Fruits spreads and dried fruits, such as dates, figs, cranberries, cherries, raisins and prunes are magnificent with most cheeses. Nuts also make simple, yet excellent, accompaniments. Some of our favorites include toasted almonds, hazelnuts and black walnuts.

Experiment with your own flavor combinations, or ask one of our expert Cheese Stewards for a little advice. There’s nothing better than a delectable duo!


Cheese Dept. Special

  • Sartori Asiago with Rosemary

    5.3 oz - A classic combination of Asiago rubbed with olive oil and encrusted with rosemary. Try it added to a bowl of soup to give it an instant lift. SAVE $1


    GOOD THRU 8/22 - 9/4/14

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