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About the Cheese Blogs

From mild to sharp, soft to hard, smoky to stinky, there’s a cheese for everyone and every occasion. Here, you’ll find what’s new, what’s in season, recipes, answers to frequently asked questions and ways to create appetizing cheese boards you’ll be proud to share. Authored by our professionally trained cheese stewards, the bloomy advice they offer is as gouda as it’s going to get.


Cheese at Willamette

  • Willamette Cheese Steward Cassie Stockton knows cheese. Also a wealth of wisdom when it comes to the many other accompaniments found at your Market cheese shop, such as oils, vinegars, salts, fruits spreads, honey, crackers, nuts, pâtés and dried fruits, Cassie offers practical advice and insight for both the novice and culinarily gifted.

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Cheese at Corvallis

  • nicole_skinnerMeet Nicole Skinner and Celia Meiners-Wilson. Passionate about everything cheese, they are your Corvallis Cheese Shop tour guides. When you feel lost among a sea of cheese, they will guide you to the perfect pairing. Here, they offer a peek at what's new and in season.

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Cheese Merchandiser

  • kalanyx-web

    From pasture to pasteurization, cheese making requires dedication, skill and passion. Considered a science and an art, it’s something Kala Nyx finds both beautiful and endearing. “I work with amazing products from all over the world – It’s pretty romantic, really,” says the Cheese Merchandiser. Kala learns about many types of cheeses, how they’re made and their history. And there are many emotional connections created in the process, she says.

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Cheese at Franklin

  • kris_walters

    A desire to help customers discover unique combinations that please the palate motivates Kris Walters to learn all there is to know about cheese. Step into your Franklin Market and peruse the mouthwatering selection of cheeses, pates, salamis, nuts, jams and more. And be sure to seek out Kris for advice here and in person.

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Cheese at Ashland

  • shirleejones cheeseAshland Cheese Steward Shirlee Jones began to hone her customer service skills when she was just 7 years old, fielding business calls for her father, an Idaho farmer. Today, she helps our customers choose the perfect cheeses. Eager to share her knowledge, you’ll find her blog both mouthwatering and enlightening.

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Cheese at West Linn

  • Mary Henderson Cheese BloggerWhether you’re planning a get-together or eyeing an ingredient for your next recipe, West Linn Cheese Steward Mary Henderson has the know-how to help you choose. A forever foodie, Mary blogs about cheese, accompaniments and everything in between.

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Cheese Dept. Special

  • Garrotxa

    This goats’ milk jewel by Sant Gil d’Albió has a tangy flavor that goes well with cured meats and rustic bread.SAVE $4 lb

    23.99 lb

    GOOD THRU 8/22 - 9/4/14

The Cheese Blog

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