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About the Wine Blogs

Uncork a bottle of your favorite wine and settle in for a good read. For beginners to avid connoisseurs, our wine blogs will whet your palate for the very best wines. Authored by professional stewards, our wine blogs are as exceptional as our Wine and Beer Shops. Our stewards are truly passionate about what they do, and honestly you couldn’t put a cork in them if you tried. Drink them all in at you leisure.


Wine at Willamette

  • Willamette Wine Steward Jim Colby has a simple life philosophy: “I surround myself with good wine and good people.” From customers to wine producers, Jim spends his days celebrating all that is wine. Readers can find his opinionated take on wine here.
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Wine at Willakenzie

  • Willakenzie Wine Steward Mary Anne Clark studied anthropology and continues to learn about the world everyday through wine. Mary Anne’s passion for international wine and her inquisitive personality are sure to spark discussion. Drink in her blog here.
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Wine at Corvallis

  • A passion for food and a nose for wine and beer make Corvallis Wine and Beer Steward Marni Furse a natural when it comes to pairing – a common dilemma among those who love food and drink but don’t necessarily know how make a perfect match.
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