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Uncork a bottle of your favorite wine and settle in for a good read. For beginners to avid connoisseurs, our wine blogs will whet your palate for the very best wines. Authored by professional stewards, our wine blogs are as exceptional as our Wine and Beer Shops. Our stewards are truly passionate about what they do, and honestly you couldn’t put a cork in them if you tried. Drink them all in at you leisure.


Wine at Willamette

  • Willamette Wine Steward Jim Colby has a simple life philosophy: “I surround myself with good wine and good people.” From customers to wine producers, Jim spends his days celebrating all that is wine. Readers can find his opinionated take on wine here.
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Wine at Franklin

  • brucegriswold_franklin

    Franklin Wine Steward Bruce Griswold took his first wine class in 1975, and he hasn't stopped pouring since. "The best part of my job is recommending pairings to people, then having them tell me later how much they loved them,” he says. Thirsty for something new? Look no further than Bruce's blog.

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Wine at Willakenzie

  • Willakenzie Wine Steward Mary Anne Clark studied anthropology and continues to learn about the world everyday through wine. Mary Anne’s passion for international wine and her inquisitive personality are sure to spark discussion. Drink in her blog here.
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Wine at SW Portland

  • SW Portland Steward Matt Misley developed a fondness for the expression of grapes and the frothy goodness of balanced brews through personal exploration and a keen sense of taste. Passed down by an uncle, his love of home brewing and quality beers runs deep. It was a trip to Italy a few years back that sparked his interest in wine. Working at Market of Choice couples the best of both worlds, he says.

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Wine at Delta

  • Delta Oaks Wine Stewards Roger Clark and Dan Budd believe that there is more to wine than taste. “It’s about ambiance, food and the wonderful feelings that come with a special occasion,” Dan says. “I love that I get to be a part of that.” Dan and Roger celebrate all that is wine here, as part of their blogs. “We have such a great selection, you can always find just what you’re looking for,” Roger says.
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Wine at Corvallis

  • A passion for food and a nose for wine and beer make Corvallis Wine and Beer Steward Marni Furse a natural when it comes to pairing – a common dilemma among those who love food and drink but don’t necessarily know how make a perfect match.
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Wine at Ashland

  • As passionate about his customers as he is about the products he sells, Ashland Wine Steward William Koch grew up watching his grandfather make great wine and loves to share what’s he’s learned over the years. “I really get to know my customers, and I want to provide them a special wine-buying experience,” he says. For his thoughts on wine and the abundant varieties offered at our Ashland Market, check out William’s blog.
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