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If you're as crazy about beer as we are, then you'll love our beer blogs. Overflowing with knowledge, our beer bloggers are the same professional beer stewards you'll find at our stores. Find out what's new, what's in season and what's on the shelf. With so many choices, you're sure to find a new favorite.


Beer at Willamette

  • Brian HyndLike the weather, the job changes with the seasons for Brian Hynd and Ryan Shoop. Spring days bring citrus brews. In summer, it’s IPA all they way. As the leaves begin to fall, pumpkin and porters come out to play. When winter visits, stouts take their place. Always on the lookout for new finds and ready to rediscover old favorites, their blog will keep you tapped into what’s brewing throughout the year.

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Beer at Corvallis

  • Andie DanielsCorvallis Stewards Andie Daniels and Marni Furse share a passion for pairing - a common dilemma among those who love food and drink but don’t necessarily know how to make a perfect match. Experienced and eager to help customers choose, here’s their take on the world of brew.

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Beer at Willakenzie

  • Mary Anne ClarkWillakenzie Beer Steward Mary Anne Clark studied anthropology and continues to learn about the world every day through beer. Learning about beer, she says, is similar to learning about people, culture and history. Mary Anne’s passion for handcrafted ales and her inquisitive personality are sure to spark discussion. Drink in her blog here.

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