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Honey Mama's Paleo Bars

Raised by a family of bakers with a lifelong tradition of fudge making, Christy Goldsby set out to reinvent this classic confection, making it both nourishing and delicious.

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Wheatgrass Shots

Enhance immunity and increase vitality with a healthy shot of organic wheatgrass from your Market Barista. Our wheatgrass is grown in Oregon by Spectrum Light Organics in Eugene, and Shasta View in Ashland.

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Market Barista Super Blends

We know you're busy and want to eat healthy. That's why, in addition to our Fruit Smoothies, we've created Super Blends! Nourishing and delicious, our Super Blends are made with whole foods that pack a punch of vitamins and minerals.

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Ahhh … the joy of baking. A single whiff of fresh baked bread and the sweet smell of cookies conjure up images of family get-togethers, holidays and birthdays. But you don’t need a reason to enjoy fresh-baked goodness. At your Market Bakery, every day is a special occasion.

Ours is not your average cookie-cutter grocery store bakery. Each Market of Choice Bakery is unique, dare we say extraordinary. Considered custom bakeries, ours are filled with professionals willing to create anything your heart desires – even your grandmother’s favorite coffee cake recipe.

It’s simple really. Start with the highest quality, all natural ingredients. Stir in a little creativity. And bake to perfection. From artisan breads to irresistible treats, we have what you crave.


Baking in Season

Artisan Breads

  • More of a science than an art, artisan bread baking begins in the hands of a skilled craftsperson who is highly trained to mix, ferment, shape and bake an extraordinary loaf of bread.


Cakes and Cupcakes

  • When it comes to cakes, the possibilities are endless. Choose from our freshly baked, already decorated cakes, or have us bake and customize it for you. At Market of Choice, our goal is to make your special occasion even more special.


Wedding Cakes

  • At your Market Bakery, we create custom cakes with special care and artistic flair. Choose from an incredible variety of cake flavors and all-butter icings, made from scratch with the finest quality ingredients.


Goodies and Treats

  • Deliciously sinful, our most sought-after delights will make your jaw drop. Not because they’re beautiful – they are – but because they’re quite simply the sweetest, richest, most splendid treats ever to cross your lips.



  • Entertaining is easy with our vast selection of high-quality, made-to-order or ready-to-serve pies. Everyone has a favorite, so get more than one! Choose from classic cream, luscious layered and flavorful fruit pies.



  • More than an in-store coffee stop, your Market Barista is an experience unto itself. Let our knowledgeable baristas whip up your perfect drink.


Super Blends

  • In addition to our Smoothies, we've created Super Blends. Nourishing and delicious, our Super Blends are made with whole foods that pack a punch of vitamins and minerals.


Bakery Trays

  • Planning a small get-together, business meeting or celebration? Mouthwatering breads and desserts from your Market Bakery are the perfect way to please.


The Bakery Blog

  • Bakery Sales Manager, Christina JessieBakery Sales Manager Christina Jessie was born to bake. Passed down from one generation to the next, Christina inherited the baking gene from her mother and grandmother, whose baked goods are the highlight of family gatherings. Christina is glad to share what she’s learned over the years, and she’s excited to tell you about all of the delicious things you can find at your Market Bakery.
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Bakery Dept. Special

  • Market Bakery French Macaroons
    Market Bakery French Macaroons

    Flavored buttercream is sandwiched between two almond cookies. These sweet little bites of joy are oh-so good and available in seasonal colors and flavors. SAVE 30¢

    99¢ ea

    GOOD THRU 2/9 - 2/15/16

The Bakery Blog

  • More than a dozen pies and counting
    Sitting down to plan the remainder of the year made me suddenly realize that we are already knee deep in the holidays. Thanksgiving is this coming week! If your family is like mine, we like…