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When people are passionate about what they do, they can’t help but share. Here, you will find more than a dozen blogs written by your Market experts. Filled with useful information and peppered with reviews, recommendations, stories and opinions, this melting pot of voices is meant to inspire, enlighten and encourage you in your culinary endeavors.

If you’re thirsty for words on wine, click on the Wine Blog. If baking leavens you, go to the Bakery Blog. If it’s fresh produce you crave … you get the idea.

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The Travel Blog

  • Kala-Nyx-2012

    Follow the travels of your Market experts as they comb the globe in search of exciting eats and drinks. With each new adventure, you'll discover the beautiful places, interesting people and palatable products we encounter along the way. Authored by our stewards, managers and chefs, the Market of Choice travel blog is your escape from the everyday.

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The Cheese Blogs

  • From mild to sharp, soft to hard, smoky to stinky, there’s a cheese for everyone and every occasion. Here, you’ll find what’s new, what’s in season, recipes, answers to frequently asked questions and ways to create appetizing cheese boards you’ll be proud to share. Authored by our professionally trained cheese stewards, the bloomy advice they offer is as gouda as it’s going to get.

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The Wine Blogs

  • Uncork a bottle of your favorite wine and settle in for a good read. For beginners to avid connoisseurs, our wine blogs will whet your palate for the very best wines. Authored by professional stewards, our wine blogs are as exceptional as our Wine and Beer Shops. Our stewards are truly passionate about what they do, and honestly you couldn’t put a cork in them if you tried. Drink them all in at you leisure.
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The Bakery Blog

  • Bakery Sales Manager Christina Jessie was born to bake. Passed down from one generation to the next, Christina inherited the baking gene from her mother and grandmother, whose baked goods are the highlight of family gatherings. Christina is glad to share what she’s learned over the years, and she’s excited to tell you about all of the delicious things you can find at your Market Bakery.
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The Kitchen Blog

  • Live Well. Eat Well. That’s Chef Greg Cabeza’s philosophy. Greg is a trained artisan chef who perfects many of the recipes created in our Market Kitchens. Enthusiasm for food pours as naturally from Greg’s lips as gravy onto mashed potatoes. He will share this enthusiasm with you here.
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The Bulk Foods Blog

  • annemarie

    Whether you like to stock up or savor a little at a time, you’ll find an assortment of information on West Linn Bulk Foods Manager AnneMarie Bracco’s blog. Unwrap all there is to know about bulk foods and leave the excessive packaging to someone else. You’re sure to enjoy AnneMarie’s straightforward, lighthearted style.

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The Produce Blog

  • Gene Versteeg, Produce Buyer and Merchandiser, has been in the produce business for 30 years. He’s an artist of sorts. His medium? Fruits and vegetables. You’ll find his work beautifully displayed at each store. To learn more about the local, conventional and organic offerings at Market of Choice, read Gene’s blog.
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The Grocery Blog

  • Offering natural, organic and conventional choices side by side, we strive to provide customers a unique shopping experience. Whether you’re seeking everyday staples or something unusual, we have what you crave.
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The Eco Efforts Blog

  • Show – don’t tell. That’s the best way to reach people, says John Tasker, Maintenance Supervisor. Instead of preaching about the benefits of recycling and composting, John tackles each project with enthusiasm and gusto. Working behind the scenes at our Willamette store, John’s efforts benefit both the environment and the bottom line. “We have to work smarter,” he says. “Being sustainable is an ongoing process.”

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The Beer Blogs

  • If you’re as crazy about wine and beer as we are, then you’ll love our wine and beer blogs. We offer one or more from each of our eight stores. Why so many? Each of our Stewards is as unique as our Wine and Beer Shops. That’s why we’ve asked each one of them to share their insights here. Choose your store from the menu, below, or drink them all in at you leisure.
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The Floral Blog

  • Looking to grow your knowledge about cut flowers, arrangements, and potted plants? Well, you’ve come to the right place. West Linn Floral Manager AnneMarie Bracco is infatuated with color, form, texture and design. Learn how to get the most from your floral purchase through her blog. Included are tips, photos, background information and insight into the floral industry and our vendors. You’ll love her lighthearted style.

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